Monday, June 8, 2009

Painting kitchen cabients

Painting Kitchen Cabinets! by Diana Baxter

To paint or not to paint? That is for sure a question and has several answers. We have painted many kitchen cabinets over.
Here is a list of what to look for first

Make sure doors are not warped
Frames are of wood not veneer or a paper product
Forget Formica or laminates. They require TOXIC VOC paints.

Things you can do to spruce them up. Cut out the inside panels add glass, wire, fabric, artwork.

Getting started: Remove all doors and drawers and hardware. Take into a clean dry space. prep area. Clean and sand all frames and doors. wipe down and clean up area. Apply a latex primmer. If cabinets are to be other than white then just have primmer tinted. Use sponge rollers or if you have a sprayer do so. SEAL off all doorways and wear a mask if spraying. Paint on several coats and allow a dry time. use a good latex based sealer when done and seal with a few coats. Wait a few days and put doors and drawers back up. Add new hardware and ENJOY your new cabinets!
Next time I will discuss how to glaze and dry brush the doors and frames for a high end look! Good luck and have fun!
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